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India's non-profit charity organization

Langar Seva is an organization that embodies the spirit of langar. Its name evokes a sense of selfless service and devotion that is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. By providing free meals to those in need, Langar Seva is carrying forward the tradition of langar and spreading the message of love, compassion, and unity. The emotional and Indian touch of Langar Seva'sname reminds us of the importance of serving others and the joy that comes from giving.
When we think of langar, we are reminded of the Sikh gurdwaras (temples) that offer free meals to everyone who visits, regardless of their religion, caste, or social status. The langar hall is a place where people from all walks of life come together to share a meal, and in doing so, they break down barriers and foster a sense of community. The aroma of freshly cooked food, the sound of the volunteers chanting hymns (kirtan), and the sight of people sitting together on the floor, enjoying a meal together, create a beautiful atmosphere that is hard to describe in words.
"Langar Seva" captures the essence of the langar tradition in various religions across India and the spirit of selfless service that is deeply ingrained in Indian culture.

What We Do?

We believe that we can save more lifes with you

Healthy Food

We strive to address food insecurity and promote healthy eating habits through various initiatives. Our team works tirelessly to distribute food to those in need and offer educational programs on nutrition and sustainable food practices.

Pure Water

Clean and safe water is a vital resource that should be accessible to everyone. Our organization is dedicated to providing communities with access to pure water sources, implementing filtration systems, and promoting water conservation.

Social Care

Our social care initiatives include counselling, rehabilitation services, social work support, and community outreach programs. Through these efforts, we strive to empower individuals and families, providing them with the necessary resources and care to improve their well- being and quality of life.



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Awesome guys behind our charity activities

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Pranshu Garg

Founder & Chief Initiator

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Subodh Kumar Singla


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Sunal Singla

Chief Advisor

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Chetan Garg


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Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of others?

Join us as a volunteer at Langar sevaa and become an integral part of our mission to bring positive change to communities in need. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute your time, skills, and enthusiasm to various impactful initiatives. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a retiree, or simply someone with a desire to give back, there are countless ways you can make a meaningful impact.

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